2, rue des Tilleuls F54620 BAZAILLES

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Les Gîtes des Tilleuls
2, rue des Tilleuls

Tel : +33 (0)614.280.770


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  1. PETAR WOLF dit :

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

    We are looking for / need accommodation for 6 adult person ( in 4902 Sanem ( LUX ) / 4902 Sanem ( LUX ) near )

    – Arrival Date 16.07.2018. ( Evening )
    – Departure about ca. 17.08.2018. ( Possibly with extension )
    the first 7 days we have the rehearsal work, if everything goes well we stay till 17.08.2018.

    – Only room without breakfast … etc.
    – For the weekend we stay
    – Please separate beds ( if is possible )
    – Please not bunk bed ( if is possible )
    – Per room 2 person / max. 3 ( if possible )

    What can you offer us? For how many people? from when ? Price ?

    Best regards
    Petar Wolf

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